Silicone Rubber Pad for Card Laminator

Silicone Rubber Pad for Card Laminator

Silicone Cushion Rubber Mat for Card Laminator

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Product Description

Silicone Rubber Sheet Mat for Card Laminator is the new generation mat, used for making all kinds of bank cards, credit cards and smart cards.Our Cusion Silicone Rubber Pads adopt two kinds of structures: one is double-faced pattern slicone with glass fiber in the middle; The other is double-faced felt with silicone rubber in the middle.

Features — 
Double faced pattern slicone rubber with glass fiber in the middle:
Germany imported raw material made, high temperature resistance, good elastricity.
Fast heat conduction, heat distributes evenly, can improve product output greatly during the laminating process.
With excellent  pressure resistance performance, non-defrmation, reliable and durable.
Helpful for eliminating pits and tiny grains on the surface, improve the product quality.
Solvent resistant, aging resistant, corrosion resistant,  non-toxic and odorless meeting environmental requirements.

Double faced felt with silicone rubber in the middle:
The raw material can meet requirements of high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and technology of card making, as the consume material, has widely application.
Fast and even heat conduction, improve productivity effect, save energy.
With excellent water absorption capability, can eliminate the bubble and watermark on the surface of cards well, improve the qualified rate of products.
With excellent buffer performance, avoid the scratch marks from hard touch between heating plate and laminating board, extends the use life time of them.
Easy to use, save the replacing working time.

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